10 or 12 month consecutive payment option

Student Deals

10 month 12 month
Gym membership (Debit order p.m.)* R399 R349
Boxing Classes (Debit order p.m.)* R649 R549
Gym & Boxing (Combo) (Debit order p.m.)* R799 R649
BJJ classes (Debit order p.m.)* R799 R649
GYM, Boxing + BJJ (Debit order p.m.)* R949 R799

Non-Student Deals

6 month 12 month
Gym membership*
R599 R449
Boxing Classes*
R899 R649
Combo (Gym + Boxing)*
R999 R799
BJJ classes*
R999 R799
GYM, Boxing + BJJ*
R1299 R999


* Joining fees (once-off fee on joining):

GYM (assessment & program) R495
Boxing classes (Intro session) R350
GYM & Boxing (Assessment, Program & intro session) R695
BJJ (Assessment, Program & intro session) R695
GYM, Boxing & BJJ (Assessment, Program & 2 intro sessions) R795

From 2021: our membership includes online classes should lockdown restrictions require us to close our physical premises.
Memberships will give access to online classes and links will be sent to all members to attend classes online.

Single month-to-month memberships will cost more than the pricing of the contract above.

Single month pricing (Joining fee included price in brackets) as follows:
Club (Gym): R950 (R1445) p.m
Boxing: R1100 (R1450) p.m.
GYM and boxing: R1350 (R2045) p.m.
BJJ: R1350 (R2045) p.m.
GYM & Boxing + BJJ : R1550 (R2345)pm.

Joining fee as above in brochure also applies so you add it on to the above single month fees for the first month (Total price for 1 month incl Joining fee in brackets).

CASH UP FRONT, ONCE-OFF PAYMENT OPTIONS get 10% discount on total of debit order contract value.

No discount on the joining fee.

When you join via the link the Joining fee is already included and discount applied. No need for coupon codes.

Please take note again of the following protocols:

Bookings are essential for everyone – CLUB members too!

12 hours before the time.
Covid protocols to remember and adhere to:

Staff will assist to check you in.
Bring your mobile phone to check-in.
Manual sign in for Covid Protocols.
Scanning will take place before entering so show up early.
Bring your own water bottle too.
Book your 1-hour slot on app 12 hours in advance.
Each person limited to 1-hour workout max.
No showers or water fountain use.
Bottled water and masks are available at R10 each.
Social distance of 1.5 meters.
Wear your mask.
See you there.


Further information:
Boxing Class 17h30 Mon -Fri
Boxing advanced class: Tuesday & Thursday 18h30 class.
BJJ: Monday & Wednesday: 18h30
Saturday 09h00
Booking is essential otherwise you may show up to a cancelled class.
Check your email for Protocols and book your spot on the Octiv app 12 hours before
arriving to avoid disappointment.
Booking is now essential and check-in with your phone.



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