What services do you guys offer?

Strength & conditioning facilities: A fully equipped gym with cardiovascular and strength training needs. A scarce feature in boxing gyms. Most other boxing gyms don’t have this.

Boxing classes: Group classes (see schedule) to learn how to box and benefit from the intense level of fitness that comes with boxing conditioning. All in a vibrant atmosphere of a group class where community provides support and focus.

Kick boxing classes: NEW! We have added kick boxing to our class schedule and services. Join on any of the packages that includes boxing in the description to gain access to boxing and or kick boxing classes. Class access is UNLIMITED!

Personal training (PT) for weight loss, strength and conditioning, weight gain (muscle gain) and boxing coaching.

PT rates depend on which package is chosen. Packages will be recommended once you’ve spoken to a coach/instructor in person and they have a better idea of your personal needs.

Sports massage: This is only available to Body Elite active members and Personal training clients.

In house nutritionist: Our nutritionist can be consulted 1:1 for a customised nutrition plan which includes all the tools you need to reach your nutritional goals and the support you need.

Our nutritionist also set up balanced and nourishing smoothies made fresh on order at our shop. Be sure to get your loyalty reward card to qualify for a free smoothie. Feed our body the right foods to get the desired results.

Our supplement shop stocks everything you would need to reach your fitness goals.

We stock:

Boxing gear: Gloves (Leather, Vinyl & Carbon Vinyl) and wraps (other boxing and protective gear available on order)

Freshly made smoothies,

Frozen blueberries (1kg bags)

Health oil & butters (Coconut, Peanut butter, Flaxseed Oil)

Multivitamins and specific vitamins

Specialised products ranging from flu prevention & immune boosters.

Study aid speciality products to help you cope with stress and gives you focus.

Protein powders

Amino acid blends.

A unique and exclusive service we provide is blending specially formulated amino acids for individual needs at a very affordable price.

Body Elite T-shirts

Class schedule

Boxing classes:

Mon, Wed, Fri          06h00

Monday – Thursday:     17h30

Friday : 17h00

Tuesday & Thursday: 18h30 Advanced class (Sparring)

Kick Boxing classes:

Monday & Wednesday         18h30

Fridays: 18h00

BJJ classes:


Monday                            17h15-18h30

Saturday                 09h00-10h00


Monday                            18:30 – 19h45

Wednesday              17h15-18h30

Saturday                 10h00-11h00

Open mat (times subject to change):

Wednesday & Friday 16:30 – 17:30

Saturday                 9am – 11 am

Click here for link to schedule

What packages do you offer/What are your rates?

See memberships (add link to page here).

Payment options:

We have 3 types of packages available across the board

GYM: Like a traditional gym membership with access during all operating hours.

Boxing: Access only to boxing and or kick boxing classes (see schedule). Clients have access 30min before classes start and 15min after class.

Boxing/kick boxing membership excludes the use of the boxing facilities outside class times and excludes gym facilities at all times (like cardio or strength training equipment).

Combo: This is a combination of both the GYM and Boxing membership and our MOST POPULAR PACKAGE as it gives you full access to all the facilities and boxing classes available at REDUCED COMBO RATE.

BJJ:  This is added to either of the above memberships as it all compliments your training and access to better services. See packages available. Also available in student packages.

Students and scholars have in addition to standard 12 month package period a 10 month package option:

This package has a double advantage when purchased in January/February as final year students then don’t have to worry about paying for December holidays or the next year when they have already moved away.

Non-students (Everyone else): We offer 6 month and 12 month contracts.

Joining fees and what YOU GET:

Club membership: R495 GIVES YOU 1 assessment and program session and includes a customised gym program.

We also take you through your program in one session to make sure you know how to do all the exercises correctly to avoid injuries. (Normal value R1050. You save R555)

Boxing membership: R495 GIVES YOU a 1:1 Intro session with Nicholas our head instructor so he can show you the basics of boxing so you can get the most of the group classes and evaluate your skill level to help you best in the classes.

Combo membership: R795 for both the Assessment and customised program and Intro session at a whopping R200 discount!! (Total saving of R805!)

See table for membership rates here:

Link to memberships rates tab

(Insert our Brochure in the current structure online –

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) has an added +- R200 fee to the above joining fees which covers your BJJ club affiliation fee and an Intro session with Nic to learn the basics and correct form. Total savings of R1000!

He also offer 1:1 sessions at PT rates for Boxing and BJJ.

Special rates available for students – see student rates!

Payment options:

We offer monthly debit order (bank debit order, not online VISA/MASTERCARD card recurring debit) option or a once off cash up front option.

The once off cash up front option is discounted as you receive a 10% discount on the package if you opt to pay up front once off.

Do membership contracts include personal training?

No. Personal training industry rates vary from R200 to R1200+ per 30-60min session in South Africa. This cannot be included in a monthly unlimited access membership that only costs R400 to R800pm.

Our personal training packages are separate and quoted on personal basis taking personal goal, schedules & other factors into account. These sessions are booked directly with a trainer at convenient times for the client, subject to availability and once sessions are purchased up front.

You pay for 1:1 time with a knowledgeable trainer/boxing/Jiu Jitsu Coach, but with a total it is worth every sent.

Cancellation policy for these sessions are 24 hours in advance directly with the trainer on their mobile number and not via email to the gym or the trainer. If session isn’t cancelled in time the full session fee will be charged.

What do I do with the free class voucher/flyer I received?

SO you do the following:

  1. Whatsapp Craig 072 431 2629 or Ingrid on 082 472 5205 with you and your friends’ names, mobile numbers and individual email addresses (you can bring friends too – it’s an open voucher) Free class slots are limited to 4 per 17h30 class.
  2. Show up 15min before class starts (we start promptly daily at 17h30) Classes are Mondays to Fridays, daily at 17h30 for 1 hour.
  3. At reception: Fill in form (show student card/ ID)
  4. Pay R25 rental fee for gloves & wraps and get geared up if you don’t have your own gear.

Note: Bring own towel & water bottle. No shoes required. No 1:1 full contact; just pad work and boxing fitness. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!

Full contact is reserved for advanced classes.

Does the free class voucher expire?

No. It doesn’t until we say so. The response has been overwhelming and in order to keep our service standard high we will be capping our membership soon (in 2023 sometime). So hurry up and come try the vibe. It’s something you don’t want to miss out on! Don’t want to do it alone – Bring a friend or 3 along. Just provide all 4 FULL NAMES, mobile numbers and email addresses when you book your space.

Do you have Kick boxing classes?

YES we do! See class schedule. Free trial class available. No gear needed.

Do you have more information on your personal training services?

Being of a personal nature we prefer to meet with you in person to gain better insight into your health and fitness needs and goals in order to recommend the best suited package.

Personal training is not just about comparing rates. It is whether that trainer can get you results. We get you the results! With more than 20 years’ experience in helping people reach their ultimate health and fitness goals we are confident you will receive the best guidance money can buy. (We have testimonials to prove it.)

1:1 or 2:1 packages are available directly with our trainers subject to slots available and what would best suit your schedule.

The same 1:1 or 2:1 packages are available for Boxing, Kick boxing and BJJ and rates are the same.

You can also sign up for a combo PT service if you want boxing and gym training 1:1 or 2:1 sessions.

What does your Nutrition services entail?

You can book a 1:1 consultation or an online consultation we complete a 50 point discovery questionnaire with you to give you a completely customised Meal plan. This includes:

Meal menu

Weekly planned schedule


More tools like achievement sheet (“food diary sheet”) and planning sheet to help you stay on track, budget and reach your goals.

In your meal plan we also include supplement recommendations and include an integrated schedule so you know when to take your supplements to get the most benefit from it. So the plan and added tools make it easy to get started and take the guess work out of correct, healthy eating.

This is payable at the consultation or once the online discovery questionnaire is completed.

Your meal plan is sent to you via email within 3 working days.

Bonuses: You have 1 month of Whatsapp/ email support to answer questions about your meal plan.

An entry level meal plan created by our in-house nutritionist is also available as a more affordable option to get you started. Pop us an email to enquire. (Direct link to purchase online will be available soon at www.ingridnorman.com)

I am new to boxing, can I still join the classes?

Yes you can. The classes are in a boot camp set up so you can work at your own pace and skill level while acquiring new ones. The main class (which welcomes beginners) is at 17h30 daily Monday to Friday, is attended by all newcomers and you are in good company as at least 60% of attendees are new.

Our advanced class at 18h30 Tuesdays and Thursdays are for the seasoned boxer getting ready for a fight or just for some sparring time. The coaches have to approve your participation in these classes as it is not for everyone.

How many times a month can I attend boxing/kickboxing/ BJJ classes on a membership?

Class memberships allows for UNLIMITED CLASS ATTENDANCE! That is correct, yes!

Some Boxing studios charge far more and limit attendance to once or twice a week.

At Body Elite you have unlimited class attendance for the class you signed up for – THE ULTIMATE FREEDOM AT TH BEST RATE IN TOWN!

Can females also come to the boxing classes?

Our classes have an average of 50% female and 50% male attendance. SO yes, ladies you are more than welcome. This is just as much for you a great way to get fit, have fun and learn a great self-defence skills. This goes for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes too.

I am new to boxing, do I need to do Personal training sessions first to get up to speed?

While Personal coaching is always the best way to go if you want to learn a skill and make quick progress it is not necessary in order to attend the group classes.

We have many clients who attend classes and do 1:1 private sessions to improve their skill and get the personal coaching they desire.

 Your Intro session you pay for in your joining fee will equip you with the basic skills needed and give you a taste of what a 1:1 session is like. So you decide.

Do you offer morning classes?

Yes we do for Boxing: Mon, Wed, Fri – 06h00.

General gym rules

  1. Personal mobile phone with own data must be used to scan the QR code to check in at the gym or issued tag for access. No phone or tag = no access.
  2. Bookings must be made 9 hours in advance for morning sessions and 3 hours in advance for evening classes.
  3. Appropriate closed gym shoes must be worn on the gym floor (weights and cardio section) at all times.
  4. Appropriate gym clothing to worn at all times. No denim or smart clothing or clothing that allows any indecent exposure.
  5. No shoes are required for the boxing, kick boxing and BJJ classes.
  6. No shoes allowed on the BJJ mats
  7. No alcohol or drugs allowed on our premises at all.
  8. Closed Gym shoes must be worn at all times in the weights and cardio section of the gym. Bare feet are only allowed for boxing, Kick boxing or BJJ classes.
  9. The fridge is off limits for storage of any personal items of members.
  10. Members are not allowed to film other members or staff without their consent and is not allowed to post images taken at the gym (that contains other members or Body Elite Staff) on Social media without written consent from Body Elite and members featured.
  11. Behind the front desk/ reception desk is off limits for members.
  12. No Alcohol or drugs allowed on the premises and if you are suspected of inebriation or intoxication you will be requested to leave the premises and return sober. A 2nd offence will risk membership access suspension and penalties and legal fees charged.
  13. Keep your membership account up to date to ensure access to the facility.
  14. If any of our rules are not adhered to and client shows any indication of no intention of complying their membership will be ended and penalties and legal fees will apply with immediate effect. The client will be banned from rejoining the gym forever.

Freezing of membership

We have introduced a freezing option for all members on a 12 month contract from 2023.

Freezing terms:

Contract account must be paid up to date nd all compliancy documents must have been received and profile picture updated on the Octiv app (for check in authentication) and contract accepted online.

No arrears or past months will be considered for freezing.

Request to freeze membership must be emailed to ingrid@bodyelite.co.za: Subject line: FREEZE MEMBERSHIP 30 days in advance and confirmation received from ingrid@bodyelite.co.za. It remains the client’s responsibility to follow up until confirmation email is received.

Once off 1 month freezing granted for a 12 month contract.

Minimum freezing is one month.

Freezing is from the 1st to 30/31st of the same month, no other dates allowed. In other words for a calendar month.

Month will be added at the end of the original contract date and charged in that same month.

No debit order will run on the frozen month.

No access during the frozen month. Not even for 1 day. If facility is accessed it will make the freezing null and void and month will be charged for along with R150 late penalty and no further freezing options will be available for this or subsequent contracts by the same member.

Freezing request must be emailed to Ingrid@bodyelite.co.za between 5th and 15th of previous month and freezing will only happen if all compliance is in place, payments are up to date and then a confirmation email is sent to client. If you don’t receive email confirmation, freezing won’t be done. So make sure you receive email confirmation for it prior to the requested date.


  1. In case of contract cancellation for any reason whatsoever during the initial contract period defined as the 6 (six), 10 (ten) or 12 (twelve) month contract sign initially and has not been completed and come up for renewal and regardless of what the reason for cancellation may be, then an early cancellation penalty fee will be charged. The early cancellation penalty fee will be equal to 40% of the contract value still outstanding excluding the 1 month notice month which will be due in full. This total will become payable immediately and if it remains unpaid will be debited on the following month’s debit order batch online without additional notice.
  2. This cancellation policy with the reduced penalty fee of 40% does not apply to memberships who have passed the 4th autopay date of 6 months contract, 7th autopay date of 10 month contract or 8th month autopay date of 12 month contract, (in other words 66% of their contract terms). After 66% of contract has passed the client is liable for the full outstanding contract fee. This cancellation policy does not apply to cash up front packages. Cash up front memberships are non-refundable.