Student rates9month12 month
Gym membership (Debit order p.m.)*439399
Boxing /Kick boxing Classes (Debit order p.m.)*799699
Gym & Boxing (Combo) (Debit order p.m.)*899799
BJJ classes (Debit order p.m.)*899799
Gym, Boxing , BJJ ALL ACCESS (Debit order p.m.)*999899

Full time student status proof must be emailed upon joining.

Non-Student deals6 months12 months
Gym membership (Debit order p.m.)*599479
Boxing/Kick boxing Classes (Debit order p.m.)*999799
Gym & Boxing (Combo) (Debit order p.m.)*1099899
BJJ classes (Debit order p.m.)*1099899
Gym, Boxing, BJJ ALL ACCESS (Debit order p.m.)*1399999
*Joining fees (Compulsory once off fee)Amount
Gym (assessment & program)R495
Boxing/Kick boxing classes (Intro session)R495
Gym & Boxing (Assessment, Program & intro session)R795
BJJ (Assessment, Program & intro session)R795
Gym, Boxing & BJJ (Assessment, Program & 2 intro sessions)R895

*Joining fee and Pro rata month added to the first month and payable upon joining registration.

CASH UP FRONT, ONCE-OFF PAYMENT OPTIONS get 10% DISCOUNT on total of debit order contract value when paid in full upon joining.
No discount on the joining fee.
Contact for a cash up front quote and payment link or pop in at the gym to sing up for this discount offer.

General terms: All payments are upfront and non-refundable. Quoted rates do not include health & fitness assessments, personal training sessions, Custom nutrition plans or group training fees or add on services etc, unless specifically stated. Only registered full time students or scholars qualify for the student package and need to provide proof of registration on sign up.

Cancellation policy with penalties applies to early cancellations during the initial contract period. Membership do not automatically renew. Email notice is sent before expiry with renewal options.

Freezing option available for 12 month contracts. See contract for details on our cancellation and freezing policies and procedures.